FAIRness of research information

The CRIS 2018 conference will address recent trends in the significance, position and use of Current Research Information Systems (CRIS), bringing together researchers, managers of research-performing institutions, funding agencies, research evaluators, librarians, research administrators, ICT experts and policy makers.
The general theme of the conference is “FAIRness of Research Information”. In a broader sense this theme reflects on the question of how to optimally present research (projects), its practitioners (researchers, institutions) and – above all – its products (datasets, publications) and make them optimally discoverable and useful, first of all for fellow researchers, but in a wider perspective also for professional communities and the general public as a whole.

Accepted papers

Here are the accepted papers

The conference will be in Universum, a common area at the heart of the University Campus. Registration, lunches and exhibitions will take place there. Sessions and keynotes will be in an adjacent building – the Nature science buildning.

Lunches will be arranged in Universum, the student/staff canteen. The location to both venues can be seen in the map below.

The City of Umeå

Umeå is one of Sweden’s fastest growing cities. The average age of the 125 000 people who live in Umeå is 38. They intend to increase their numbers — the goal is to pass the 200 000 figure before 2050. The city offers world-class art, drama, films, industries, music and research. It aims to attract more companies, break new construction records and, not least beeing the European Capital of Culture 2014.

Two Universities are situated in Umeå. The University of Umeå but also the – Faculty of Forest Sciences.

What to do?

Are you planning on staying on for a few days, or perhaps arrive early. Umeå is a city of culture and nature. There are several good suggestions to be found at Visit Umeå on what you can do in Umeå.


You must cater to the accomodation booking yourself. Below are some options that we can suggest.

Hotell options

All hotels are located in the city center. The campus is a 10-15 minute walk from the city center. Local busses are also available.
If you wish to book other accommodation we recommend checking out